Kayaking In New Zealand – Top 5 Destinations For Kayaking In New Zealand

new zealand kayaking

New Zealand has some of the best kayak conditions in the world, so it’s no surprise that New Zealand Kayaking is one of the most popular activities and most popular sports in the country. What better way to enjoy the stunning marine environment that’s the Bay of Islands than by taking a sea kayak tour around the islands. kayak tours range from a casual day outing to custom designed multi-day trips and each route is designed to give you an unforgettable New Zealand kayak experience.


Two of the more popular destinations for a New Zealand Kayaking adventure are the Coromandel and the Hawke’s Bay region. One of the most popular places to begin a New Zealand Kayaking trip is the Bay of Islands with its crystal clear waters, stunning sand beaches and peaceful bays. You can start the day by paddling out to Te Anau Island and catch lunch on the beach before paddling out to see the Te Anau racehorse. Alternatively, you can take a more detailed route around the islands visiting all of the sand beaches and bays. On your journey you will pass through the towns of Greymouth, Westport and Westland Bay and the crystal clear water of the Bay of Islands which are ideal for starting a day of kayaking.


Another popular destination on New Zealand’s coastal path is the Whangaparaoa region where you’ll find some of the most beautiful sea beaches in the country. There are several guided tours available to take you on a close up look at marine life including penguins and sharks. A variety of water sport activities including paragliding and wakeboarding are also available to entertain crowds of young children and families. If you’re looking for more of a relaxing adventure, you can try one of the guided New Zealand kayak tours along the Waiheke Causeway or hire a specialist kayak for a day of exploring the coastal areas of the Bay of Islands.

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