The Truth About Bottled Drinking Water and Your Health

Bottled drinking water has been around for years, but the recent popularity of this popular beverage has resulted in many people wondering exactly what is in it and if it is good for you. drink cool bottled water while pregnant is something that many new mothers have done. There are risks with this, though. Many times, the bottled water you get is of poor quality and the plastic that they use to make the bottles often break down over time. There is no proof that there are any long term effects with drinking bottled water while pregnant, but it is best to err on the side of caution.

Drink Cool From a Bottle – Is it Worth the Effort?

A lot of bottled drinking water has also been found to contain contaminants like lead that are harmful to children. This has prompted several states to ban the use of reverse osmosis in their water systems and require that all contaminants are tested for before being used. One such measure was recently adopted by the city of New York. They will now only allow bottled water to be sold in the tap in their system. Any other source of water that can be used will need to be via a reverse osmosis filter.

Some researchers have even linked the consumption of bottled drinking water to the increased risk of certain types of cancers. They believe that the chemicals that are contained by the plastic bottle could be harming your body. You probably aren’t going to become ill from drinking tap water, but it is worth a look to see what you are getting. If you do end up with any type of ailment, you may want to find out exactly where it came from. That way, you can avoid consuming it again.

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